When you're looking for great toys and games for your child, we know that you like to go with brands you trust. That's why we offer so many products from names like Mattel, a company that has been making products you love for more than half a century. From dolls to board games, from diecast cars to action toys, from toys for preschoolers to toys for collectors, Mattel has made it all and made it right. Our Mattel brand page features all the products you know and love as well as the latest and greatest ones that are just waiting for you to make them classics.

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Mattel's most popular creation is almost certainly Barbie, the line of dolls and accessories that has been equally popular with children and collectors since 1959. Numerous companies have tried to copy Barbie, but none of them have been able to replicate her success. Mattel also owns other popular doll lines like Monster High, where the children of monsters attend an otherwise ordinary American high school, and American Girl, which strives to teach children about American history through dolls and corresponding books.

Mattel offers a lot more than dolls, however. The company's line of Thomas and Friends playsets has been a popular choice for decades, as have been Hot Wheels and Matchbox, one time competitors that are both great choices if your child loves model cars. No matter what toys or games you choose, you know that you're going to receive a high quality product when you choose Mattel.

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