You know that a party can get messy so be prepared by using any number of our great Napkins! Napkins are always handy to have around so be sure to order more than you'll need because they'll never go to waste. As long as you've got food to eat, you'll have a mouth to clean! We have many different types of napkins as well as colors for you to choose from. There are different shades of blue and green as well as napkins that are red, silver, pink, and black.

These aren't even half of the colors we have so you can imagine all the possibilities! If you are hosting a Christmas party, our green or red napkins will be perfect. Using the right color can really complete your party theme. Blue and Red would be perfect for a 4th of July BBQ! Depending on what type of napkin you need, we have both 2-ply and 3-ply napkins. This Plies have to do with the thickness of the napkin so if you feel like you'll need to clean up with something a little sturdier, we suggest ordering the 3-ply napkins. Some of our napkins are sold in counts of 20 while others come in packs of 50. This is important to pay attention to because you'll want to order enough to supply the entire party.

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