Party Games

Party Games are a great way to get celebrations to come to life! They break the awkward silence in the room and get shy children to join in on the action. Give your child a party to remember with our selection of fun and interactive games.

Try starting the festivities off with one of our party boxes like apple to apple. They are known to be good ice breakers and will keep everyone in the room laughing and playing. They are designed for up to ten players so everyone at the celebration can join in on the fun. As everyone begins to warm up to one another, why not pair up in teams and play one of our guessing games. We have tons of different items that focus on the same goal of guessing the right TV show, character or object. While one team mate acts out, draws or sounds out similar words, another teammate must answer correctly. With a game like this your guest will have a blast as they try to become victorious over the opposite team. So what kind of party game do you think you would like? We have a ton of block and board games that will fit any child's birthday theme. If you need to stick to a certain budget, we have an extensive collection of items that come in either standard or deluxe. Just remember to purchase batteries or all the laughing you hoped to hear will turn into radio silence.

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