Pinata Candy

If you plan on having a piñata at your child's birthday party then you better plan on having enough candy to fill that piñata up! Nothing is worse than when that piñata bursts open and everyone is under whelmed by what has fallen out of it. In order to avoid this, you'll want to check out all the Piñata Candy that we have to offer. What separates our piñata candy from the rest of our candy is the amount that it comes in. Because you'll need a lot in order to fill up the piñata to provide enough for everyone, we sell piñata candy in large quantities.

For example our Shark gummies and Burger Gummies come in over 40 counts while our Sour Punch Licorice Sticks come in a whooping amount of 225! Most of the candy that we have for piñatas is gummy candy but we also carry banana candy, Laffy Taffy, bubble gum and Ring Pops. You can fill up your piñata with all the same candy but we recommend mixing and matching. This will allow guests to trade candy with each other for the ones that they didn't get. However you decide to fill your piñata just make sure that you get enough that candy goes flying everywhere when it breaks open!

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