Pinata Kits

There is nothing quite like the thrill of a birthday activity where a child finds him or herself being rooted on by friends to successfully break open a piñata, so they all can get at the rewards on the inside. The piñata Kits assembled in this collection come with all the necessities to make sure you can invest your time thinking about all the photo opportunities. Boys' and girls' party can differ depending on their interests, so we assembled a vast collection of traditionally themed piñatas that are gender specific and an equally impressive amount that are unisex.

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The Dragon, Star Wars, Batman, and Space Alien kits would perfectly suit most boys' parties, while the My Little Pony, Ballerina, Hello Kitty, and Castle kits would suit most girls' parties. Kits like Circus Tent and Curious George would be great for either boys or girls. These kits are all about convenience for you, so that's why each order comes with your piñata preference, a 3 lb bag of assorted candies, like Smarties and lollipops, and a paper blindfold. Setting up will take a matter of minutes, and the only thing you'll need to acquire is some sort of stick to strike at the piñata. If you feel the kids are too young for the traditional way of breaking them open, then a series of the piñatas kits available also have pull tabs at their bottoms that, when pulled, will open up and spill its contents.

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