Pink Candy

Pink is a color that seems the most suitable for our selection of candy, if only because so many sweets already come in this hue. It's also a color that young girls in particular seem to value over all the others, so having a buffet decked out with these treats is a must. Princess, superhero, and ballerina are all examples of themes that would benefit from having sweets in pink. You can use the shimmer candies to add a real layer of regality to the event. Other types of celebrations that you should consider a candy buffet selection in this tone for are baby showers and Breast Cancer Awareness charity events. Lay out these treats with some from the blue and green categories to mix up the perfect luau candy cocktail. No matter what you use these for, you want to make sure you keep fingers out of the bowl by picking up some scoops, and you'll want to have containers for guests to take home the extras.

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