Your child makes a Christmas list every year and sends it to Santa Claus, but what if your child received a letter back from Santa? Watch your child's face light up when you give them one of our Platinum Santa Packages! A platinum package is much more than just a letter from jolly ol' St. Nick; it's an entire wintry package straight from the North Pole.

These Christmas items are great to give before Christmas to keep your little one busy while they anxiously await the day that they'll wake up to some gifts from Santa's workshop. One of these pieces of the platinum package is the personalized letter from Santa Claus himself, where, depending on the package, he details some life at the North Pole, and talks about the reindeer practicing for their long journey and the elves hard at work.

Your child will also get a myriad of other items included in these packages, like a coloring book with your child's name on it, a plush penguin friend, a child sized plush Santa Claus hat, and a matching plush red holiday stocking, among other personalized goodies. Santa was so nice that he'll send an autographed photo of himself, too! Just when your child thinks the magic is over and the winter months have long gone, these packages will include a postcard from Santa on his summer vacation that will arrive in the summer months to remind your child that he or she needs to stay on the nice list!

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