Royal Blue Party Under $1

The standard color for anything and everything related to boys, the Blue Party Tableware Under $1 collection will be your best bet at putting together a birthday or any other type of celebration for your son. If he's not into any specific games or movies, these simple supplies will do wonders for his party. Get the party room ready for less, giving you more funds to spend extra on that cake or on other fun supplies.

Getting a bunch of boys together around a table can be a chore, but you won't have too much of a problem there with the addition of our wonderful tableware supplies. These budget napkins, plates, and cups are all a matching shade of blue that is ideal for a boys' get together. All the items are also recyclable, so cleaning up at the end of the day will be a simple task for you to take care of when the party's is over.

We also mustn't forget that the guests need to be treated to parting gifts on their way home. Our budget favor bags will be excellent vessels to hold a variety of trinkets and toys. You may even invest more funds into these favors since you'll save so much everywhere else.

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