Silver Dots

The color silver has a very distinguished look to it, subtle but cool. When you throw a Silver Dots themed party, you're throwing a party that's all class, whether it's a 25th wedding anniversary, an engagement celebration, or a birthday party, these white dots on a silver background are going to be perfectly classy every time.

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Our fancy looking silver dot tableware can stand alone or be mixed and matched with solid silver plates, cups, and napkins in order to have place settings that are interesting to the eye. Place this tableware on either our solid silver table cover or our inverse silver dots table cover, or alternate if you have multiple tables. Decorate the tables with bursts of silver foil table centerpieces and a sprinkle of shiny silver confetti for some eye-catching glitter. Fill the party space with fun balloons, including shiny silver stars or numbers, as well as latex balloons featuring silver dots on a white background. Toast to the occasion with silver plastic champagne flutes, and party down with some clear party bombers for when the party goes from classy to wild. When it's time for your guests to leave, don't let them leave empty handed. Silver dotted treat backs are available and you can fill them with fun monochromatic candy such as pina colada licorice whips or silver cherry unicorn lollipops.

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