Getting in touch with Santa Claus has never been easier for your little one, so make sure it's just as easy for you to respond in the voice of Santa by purchasing a Silver Santa Letter Package! With your purchase of the silver package, you will receive a personalized letter from Santa of your choosing as well as a personalized coloring book, a red holiday envelope, and a personalized shipping label.

We have six different letters that you can send to your little one from Santa Claus. Each of them feature images of Santa Claus or one of his elves, reindeer, or others helpers. One of the templates is decorated with a classic nativity scene. The notes on each of the letters are already written, but you can personalize them by putting your child's name in the greeting as well as writing out your address on the included address label.

Your little one will be excited enough about receiving a letter from their holiday hero; imagine how thrilled they will be when they get a nice little present to go along with the note from Santa! Along with the letter, you will also receive a holiday coloring book, which can also be personalized with your little one's name right on the front.

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