Solid Balloons

Children's birthday parties are fun because it's always appropriate to decorate for them with many colorful accessories that will be create photogenic scenes. The Solid Balloons available in this catalog will add a ton of fun to either boys' or girls' parties because these balloons are generic enough for both, but still more exciting than most other accessories.

No matter the age of your child, these balloons will work well, especially if you order Mylar Number Balloons, which come in every number, so whether your child is 1 or 13, you'll be able to arrange the balloons to indicate the right age. We also have special large Mylar balloons available in a number of colors to celebrate that big first birthday. They would look great attached to the back of your baby's highchair.

If your boy's or girl's party has a specific theme that you've decorated for, we offer an enormous collection of star-shaped balloon in various colors. You can decorate for your boy's sports- or pirate-themed party with green, silver, or blue balloons. For your girl's princess- or garden-themed party, you have star balloons in pinks, lavender, and yellow. Mix and match the colors, streamline them, the choice is entirely up to you.

Balloons have always been popular for parties because they have a charm about them that instantly puts everyone in a good mood. These durable and bright balloons have all the right qualities to make your child's birthday happy for many years to come.

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