Table Decorations

After all the plates, napkins, and cups have been set at the table, sometimes it could still feel that something is missing to tie it all together. One decoration that never fails to make an impression and enhance the party's theme is a centerpiece. In this catalog we have a variety that will surely give you lots of flexibility. Our centerpieces come in many different styles that are equally appealing.

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One of the most popular ones are those with a honeycomb base that folds out and keeps the center piece standing. These often take the shape of an integral design to the theme. Other centerpieces fold out to reveal an amusing scene or design, and another type are cutouts that have attached feet at the bottoms to make them impressive. Themes vary for boys and girls, and we even have a number that are gender neutral. Some boys' themed centerpieces include Superhero Party, Lego Star Wars, and Pirate Party. A few girls' themes include Princess and the Frog, My Little Pony, and Fairytale Princess. Each of these styles are intricately designed and put together.

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