Themed Pinatas

Decorations and accessories offer a pleasing atmosphere to parties, but they don't get the children out of their seats or screaming excitedly. This is why we have compiled a catalog of our Themed piñatas in order to provide a fun activity for the children to engage in and to offer another fun accessory to match your child's party theme. Nearly every popular movie, television show, and other interest is represented in this collection of piñatas. Boys and girls will certainly love any one of them for the party. Boys' themes include The Avengers, Dinosaurs, Power Rangers, and Ben 10, and girls' themes include Princesses, Dora the Explorer, Cupcakes, and Puppies.

piñatas are also available in one of two varieties. For example, you can always get a Ben 10 piñata, which comes with just the Ben-shaped piñata, or the Ben 10 piñata Kit, which includes the piñata, a blindfold, and a large bag of candy. You'll be covered no matter what your needs may be.

Themed piñatas are strong and durable and all feature an opening to easily place candy and other treats inside. Additionally, these piñatas were created with age appropriateness in mind. The children can always break them open the traditional way, but many of them also feature special pull tabs that can easily tear the bottom's out and spill all their contents to the floor.

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