White Candy

If you're not sure where to start for the candy spread for your upcoming gathering, choose from our selection of white candy to get you going. The most obvious choice for white is matching wintry themes, whether it's a girl's birthday revolving around her favorite animated movie featuring a snow queen, or a holly jolly event that focuses more on the snow than any of the December holidays in particular. Playing second fiddle is what white does best, and letting it team up with other colors, such as red and blue, can take this hue from cold as ice to a hot 4th of July. Break up the blocks of baby pink and powder blue in the baby shower with these pieces, or avoid looking too goth with your black pieces by adding white. While these treats will look gorgeous on a buffet table in open containers, you can also make them part of the favors by packing them up in tins, boxes, and the other keepsake containers we feature here.

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