Yellow Candy

Though foods that are this color are typically associated with sour citrus flavors, our yellow candy collection won't be making you and your celebration's guests pucker. Present a sweet feast by assembling an entire candy buffet for people graze on using the containers and bags in the section, or slip a little something tasty into goodie bags with the smaller favor containers. The bright, sunny tones that this hue has to offer makes it the perfect for birthday celebrations in the spring that might have themes that include honeybees or daffodils. It also makes a great alternative to the stereotypical pinks and blues for baby showers, and having a bowl of bright yellow candy at a luau or beach themed event will bring sunny vibes. If your girl or boy wants to monkey around for their birthday party, yellow candy paired with green candy will give your table a jungle feeling. No matter the occasion, this brilliant shade will bring sunny smiles to your guests' faces.

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