Americana Summer BBQ

If you're not rolling out the grill or spreading out a picnic blanket this summer, you're missing out! That's why you'll want to pick up our Americana Summer party theme supplies to get into the spirit of the season before it's over. This selection of disposable tableware looks just like a plaid red and white picnic blanket and can be used for an outdoor party or even just for a relaxing lunch in the park.

Many things may come to mind when you think of the word "picnic." For many, it's a family fun event where sandwiches are passed around, frisbees are tossed in the air, and kids chase each other around. For others, it's a romantic day in the park with your significant other and some wine and cheese. Whichever of these two are your idea of the perfect picnic, it's clear to see that this event is about being with the ones you love and enjoying the beautiful outdoors on a summer day. Plus, all you need to make it happen is a nice grassy area, a blanket, wicker basket, and some delicious food.

After having some picnic food for lunch, it's barbecue time for dinner. Grilling up everything from corn to hot dogs and burgers is a part of living the summer life. Be fully prepared for both events by getting the dinnerware from our Americana design collection. Order lots, and you'll have festive supplies to use for your lunch in the park and then for your delicious barbecue food at home.

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