Ant Man

If your little comic book enthusiast has had a Batman party, a Spider-Man themed event, and an Avengers get together for his previous birthdays, you're probably wondering what to do next. With our Ant-Man party supplies, you can throw him a shindig that features a more unconventional superhero. With the new movie surrounding this superhero coming out in the summer of 2015, Scott Lang and Hank Pym are going to rise in popularity and become the perfect icons to decorate your child's birthday bash.

Ant-Man's iconic suit gives him the ability to shrink in size while maintaining superhuman strength. Similarly, our supplies will be just a small piece of your get together that will strengthen your event and create a cohesive theme that your little one and their friends are going to love. Start the shindig off with some relevant invitations, and keep the momentum going with themed plates, cups, and napkins that the guests will love once they actually arrive to the get together. Your table will be able to hold any gargantuan amount of food when you set it with our super tableware.

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