Boho Birthday Girl

Cozy Boho Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties don't always have to be crazy. It's all about how your guests, and guest of honor, feels about the celebration. Instead of wild and crazy go with something cute a cozy. If you've got a tween girl who beats to her own drum we've got the perfect party for her. Check out our full list of party ideas and tips for a Boho Birthday Party one-half Hygge and one half pastel bohemian. 

The pretty pastels and bohemian vibes of this patterned tableware are perfect for setting the tone for some free-spirited fun. 

DIY Bohemian Dreamcatcher 

Kids are full of free spirits and big dreams. What if there was a way to capture those good vibes? With a dreamcatcher, that may be possible. Originating from Native American Ojibwe culture, dreamcatchers were traditionally hung over the cradle of newborns to ward off evil influence. 

Now you can create your very own dreamcatcher with ease. This DIY tutorial is great for creating a stunning bohemian decoration for your party or a gift for a parent-to-be. By creating your own you can make sure to add your own sentimental touches with your unique handmade style. It's also a great party craft that your guests can complete at your boho-themed birthday party or baby shower. 

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