Preppy Boy Ocean 1st Birthday

You can easily give your child's first birthday party a classy ocean theme when you choose party supplies from the Preppy Blue Ocean 1st Birthday collection. We have everything from invitations to party favors, all of which feature ocean themed designs. The word "preppy" is an abbreviation of "preparatory," and started as a way to describe people who went to northeastern preparatory schools. Today it is most commonly used to describe designer clothing, and is used across the country.

Whales are marine mammals that are known for their large size and their fins, flukes, and blow holes. There are millions of them in the world's oceans, but they are surprisingly hard to spot. That won't be an issue at a Preppy Blue Ocean Party, where whales are prominently displayes on all of the plates. Our favorite 8-legged sea creatures are also features on this ocean themed partyware.

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