Care Bears

Care Bears Party Ideas

The Care Bear Stare is hard to resist, but who doesn't want to be mesmerized by their good cheer? Since Care Bears are all about caring and sharing, we thought it was only right to share our favorite party planning tips with you. These colorful bears have been teaching keeps about caring and sharing since 1983 and there's no sign of them stopping. That's why they make for the perfect party theme!  If your little boy or girl is one of the new fans then these Care Bear Birthday Party ideas are just what you need!

DIY Care Bears Photo Backdrop

When the Care Bears unleash their Care Bear Stare, they strike a pose. That pose helps them spread their rainbows, sunshine and overall good cheer. If you're throwing your little one a Care Bears birthday party, you'll need a place for your guests to pose. This adorable, budget-friendly backdrop is made of paper plates and free printables. Find out how to create your own Care Bears Photo Backdrop for your little one's big day with our tutorial. 

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