Cupcake Party

Your daughter loves cupcakes and we're positive that a birthday party centered around that theme will be exciting for you and her. The Cupcake Party theme is a collection of our favorite items for this delicious pastry. The tableware items come in a lovely green adorned with pictures of delicious cupcakes which makes this the perfect birthday theme for any indoor or outdoor setting. Your daughter and seven of her closest friends will love any one of our three kits of cutlery, napkins, plates, and other essentials.

Kits make things even easier. Go all out with The Cupcake Party Ultimate Kit which includes the best of items in this theme; even the extra goodies like a honeycomb centerpiece, streamers, hats, and a cupcake-shaped balloon are included. Our goal is to make birthdays quick and easy, so we offer customization options so vast we even have a Cupcake Party Balloon Kit which consists of five assorted balloons, curling ribbon, and a foil balloon weight. You also have the option of creating custom favor boxes with a choice of several items or pre-made favor kits that consist of our most popular favors in this category.

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