Dr. Seuss

Throw a fun Dr. Seuss themed party for your kids or students with the help of our Dr. Seuss themed Party Supplies! Dr. Seuss is the master of children's stories who brought us The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs in Ham, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and so much more. One of the most popular and iconic illustrators, Dr. Seuss has been a childhood favorite in literature since the 1950's. His imaginative, hilarious, and wacky worlds never cease to engage new generations and his stories always have a strong moral to impart to his impressionable audiences. Whether you are planning a birthday party for your book-loving little tyke, or are having a Dr. Seuss day in the classroom to celebrate his books, our collection of Dr. Seuss Party Supplies can provide you with all you need to throw a fun party.

The iconic red and white stripes of the Cat in the Hat's hat have become synonymous with Dr. Seuss himself. Our Dr. Seuss party supplies all feature that familiar striped pattern in red and white. This category includes needed party supplies like tableware goods, such as paper cups, plates, and napkins, as well as plastic table covers. You can also find fun party supplies and party favors like the Cat in the Hat hat, Thing 1 or Thing 2 costumes and wigs, and fun cake pans you can use to turn your favorite characters into a delectable dessert.

Dr. Seuss Party Ideas

From The Cat in the Hat to the Lorax and Horton, Dr. Seuss has created so many characters who helped kids of all ages love to read. From his quirky decisions to catchy rhymes, there's no denying that Dr. Seuss is an artist. That's why, after so many years, we celebrate his birthday with Read Across America. Whether you're looking to throw a party to celebrate Read Across America or you have a big little Dr. Seuss fan on your hands, our Dr. Seuss Party Ideas post is here to help. Plan a party that will do Dr. Seuss' work justice from the invites to the party favors. 

More Ideas for your Dr. Seuss Party

DIY Truffula Trees

Show everyone that the Lorax's efforts weren't in vain by bringing the Truffula Forest to life at your party. Craft these crazy looking trees and be sure to spread the fuzzy little orange environmentalist message of protecting the trees. Especially because trees have no tongues. Follow along with our step-by-step tutorial to add Truffula Trees to your Dr. Seuss celebration!

Cat in the Hat Can Game

His characters don't wear much, but there's no denying the red and white striped hat that the Cat in the Hat wears in the Dr. Seuss classic story. This hat has become a symbol for encouraging early childhood reading. Reading is fun, but it's not the best party activity. Bring the Cat in the Hat's spirit to your Dr. Seuss party by recreating this Cat in the Hat can game!

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