Fabulous 50's

If you are going to Rock Around the Clock at your next bash, then you need Fabulous 50's Party Supplies. The 1950s were a time of postwar prosperity and it was the decade that ushered in Rock and Roll. Our theme helps celebrate this colorful decade. The lunch plates feature a blue and pink double border, a checkered background and illustrations of iconic 50's symbols like jukeboxes, root beer floats, records, and cars. Put these on the table along with matching napkins and a jukebox centerpiece. Decorate the entire party space with a themed door cover, hanging record-shaped swirl decorations, checkered streamers and more.

For the kids we have a jukebox pinata, which can be filled with up to two pounds of treats. Don't forget to check out our favors section, which includes jukebox favor boxes, 50's stickers, 50's tattoos, candy and more.

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