Personalized Favors and Gifts

One of the best things about going to a party is knowing you'll be coming home with all kinds of cool party favors. No children's party is complete without each guest getting a favor bag full of candy, toys, tattoos, stickers, and more. Make the party one that will be remembered for a long time by giving out the perfect favors. Start with a favor bag or box. The most basic kind are just small, colorful paper or plastic bags, often printed with a party theme design or images. If you want to give out a lot of favors you'll need something bigger. You can even make the bag or box a favor itself by getting something permanent like a cloth tote or plastic bucket. These are also available to match many of the party themes.

Favor Mug


Lip Balm




Toys and games make great party favors. Little cars and trucks, animal or dinosaur figures, balls, bubbles, and mini games are fun toys to put in a goodie bag. The kids can play with them at the party and take them home. Stickers are another favorite, and every kid loves temporary tattoos. Give out jewelry and lip gloss at a princess party. Favor kits can help make it easier to shop. They contain everything you could want for a themed party, whether it's Star Wars, fire trucks, football, or Disney Princesses. No matter what your theme there's a kit that will save you time when shopping. Be sure to take note of how many guests the kit is for. Some are designed for eight guests, others are designed just for a single guest and you'll have to buy one kit for each person.

One of the best ways to commemorate an event is with personalized party favors. Have locker magnets or bag tags printed that say "I was at Bobby's 10th Birthday" or just "Mary's Birthday." You can have other items custom printed for each child. They can all wear a button with their name on it at the party and then attach it to their coat or book bag later.

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