Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is one of the most popular animated movies ever. Children of all ages love this movie and the great characters that were in it. If your child is a fan then the Finding Nemo birthday theme is a great way to decorate. We have everything you need to throw a Nemo birthday party including invitations, decorations, favors, tableware, and more. Nemo and his father are clownfish, so of course most of the items in this theme have pictures or shapes of fish and other ocean creatures. There's Dori, the blue tang, and Crush, the sea turtle, as well as seahorses, jellyfish, and other sea animals and fish.

The Finding Nemo birthday party theme contains all the necessities. There are tableware and decorations sold individually or in kits. Lay out a Nemo table cover and a full Nemo place setting for each guest. There's a centerpiece for the table and a themed personalized banner and danglers to hang overhead. Don't forget streamers and themed balloons, available in kits, bouquets, or individually. There are lots of clownfish personalized items to get, too. Put the birthday child or each guests' name on everything from placemats to buttons to lollipops. Don't forget the party favors, too. Get kits or pick out items one at a time. Some of these can be personalized as well. There are also hats and blowers plus Finding Nemo games and activities. And after the party, send a themed thank you note to each guest.

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