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Whether your little girl is your little princess or rock star, it won't matter. We've got the perfect theme for any little girl. Bringing her favorite characters, animals or toys to life is sure to put her in the mood to celebrate. Look no further than our Girl's Parties page. Finding the perfect party theme is as easy as scrolling down on this page because we've compiled all our themes that will make your little girl gush with joy! From LOL Surprise! to Vampirina character favorites, Volleyball and Soccer themes for your high energy girl, Cowgirls to Hunters for your adventure ready gal, we've got the all of the patterned and printed tableware and decorations for any occasion that fits perfect for your girl.

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Transform any space into a party with the help of our girl's party themes. It won't matter if your little one is made of sugar or spice because we've got themes perfect for girlie girls or tomboys alike! Your party will look just right with our complete selection of party goods! No first birthday party will be cuter. Your guests won't forget your slumber party or movie night with party supplies that match the movie, like our Captain Marvel or Llama party themes! All of your guests will feel like princesses with our Disney princess themes. You can even help transform the space into Monster High! Your party will be everything nice.

Girls Birthday Party

Bust out the balloons and cake: Its your girls birthday! Shes the light of your life, and she deserves a birthday party that shell remember for years to come, whether shes turning 1 or 101. We understand that every little girl is different, but we can all agree that little girlsbirthday parties are cute, cheerful, colorful affairs. Thats why we carry a variety of birthday party themes that every girl will love, no matter what shes interested in. We have Barbie and JoJo Siwa for the girly girls, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast for the Disney lovers, and Captain Marvel and DC Super Hero Girls for the fearless little ladies ready to take on the world. Plus, our party kits make it super easy to bundle all of the supplies you need to throw a celebration that shell love without breaking the bank. Your little girl deserves the best; make her feel extra special on her birthday with a birthday party in a theme that she loves.

What do you need for a girls' birthday party?

Planning the perfect birthday party can seem like a big undertaking. But it doesnt have to be! We have all of the party supplies, tips and tricks that you need to ensure that your little girls big day is the best one yet. Chances are, she already has a theme in mind, so be sure to check with the birthday girl first. Matching party supplies are the easiest way to pull a party together, and they work for every party space. We carry party supplies like lunch plates, cake plates, cups, napkins and table covers in dozens of themes. Purchase party supplies a la carte and create your own look, or pick up a birthday party kit that contains all of the essentials. Once you have the basics, its time to choose decorations that will elevate your party space. Centerpieces, personalized banners, balloons and paper lanterns will transform your space from an everyday room to Party Central - which is exactly what your little girl deserves! Finally, we recommend choosing personalized party supplies like banners and invitations to make her feel special on her big day.

Officially Licensed Characters

LOL Surprise! Party

Sometimes, theres nothing better than a surprise! With their surprise packaging, these fun dolls make toy shopping a delightful mystery. Their oversized eyes, big smiles and fashionable outfits make for a cute celebration, and your little girl will recognize all of her favorites, including Diva and Queen Bee. We make throwing an L.O.L. Surprise! birthday party easy with our officially licensed party supplies. We carry an assortment of party supplies like plates, cups, napkins and table covers, as well as centerpieces, balloons and other fun decorations. Once youve picked up all of the basics, its time to get creative. We recommend starting with the snacks: dip Rice Krispies treats in pink or purple melted white chocolate and add colorful sprinkles, or decorate the birthday cake with L.O.L. Surprise! Cutouts. Whatever you do, shes sure to love it!

Jojo Siwa Party

Vlogger JoJo Siwa burst onto the scene as a finalist on the show Abbys Ultimate Dance Competition. In 2015, she appeared on the series Dance Moms, and shes been a popular icon for girls ever since. Known for her long, tight, blonde ponytail adorned with an oversized bow and colorful clothing, JoJo Siwa appears in her own YouTube series and has released three popular singles. Because JoJo is so popular among young girls, shes perfect for a girlsbirthday party. Luckily for you, we carry officially licensed JoJo Siwa party supplies that will make your little girls birthday party a hit. Pick up party supplies like plates, cups, napkins and table covers, decorate your space with colorful decorations, and blast the JoJo Siwa tunes. Your little girl is sure to love this shiny, sparkly, colorful party!

Popular themes

Llama Party

Planning the perfect girlsbirthday party is no prob-llama with this adorable Llama party theme. These soft, white creatures have short legs, long necks and pointy ears, and are as cute as can be. The Llama Party is one of our favorites - its cute and quirky, with white llamas wearing pink party hats, yellow blankets with pink, green, purple and yellow tassels, and even some heart-shaped sunglasses. These colorful llama party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins and table covers, are perfect for girls of all ages. And its easy to get creative and add your own personal touch, too. Set up a candy table with a variety of colorful sweets, and create a background out of a solid-colored backdrop, tassel garland, and “happy birthday” banner. Or, make your own fake cacti out of green pool floats, toothpicks and paper flowers. There are so many possibilities for a lovely llama birthday party!

Unicorn Sparkle Party

There is nothing more girly than a sparkly unicorn birthday party! For the little princess in your life, nothing but a whimsical, pastel-colored celebration will do. The Unicorn Sparkle girlsbirthday party theme includes paper plates, cups, napkins, table covers and a variety of decorations to help you set your scene. We also carry pastel-striped invitations and “happy birthday” banners feature sparkly unicorns and lettering. Add a creative touch to your girls celebration with a DIY candy table. Place pastel-colored treats on a table with a beautiful backdrop behind it. Hang multicolored streamers from the ceiling, and attach paper clouds at the top. Its sure to make her feel like shes soaring through the sky on her own unicorn!

Cozy Boho

Boho glam is the style du jour, and we have the perfect birthday party theme for little girls who are totally on trend. These adorable party supplies are perfect for a cozy, winter birthday celebration that emulates hygge, the Danish concept of living life to its most comfortable. Get her cozy celebration started with Cozy Boho invitations, which feature pretty dreamcatchers. Then, set the table with plates, cups and napkins in soft pastel hues adorned with a feather print. Add your own touch to the party with DIY decorations, like faux-wood pine trees made out of cardboard, framed Cozy Boho decorations, candles, ad plenty of warm, fuzzy pillows and blankets. For girls with a sweet tooth, set up a dessert table with a DIY background made out of colorful banners and dreamcatchers. We recommend serving comfort foods like donuts and macarons for a party thats as sweet as it is cozy.

Selfie Celebration

Selfie, or it didnt happen! These days, we photograph everything about our lives: our pets, our meals and, of course, our selfies! Gone are the days of snapping a quick photo in the bathroom mirror. If you havent perfected your selfie game by now, youre seriously out of touch. No one does the selfie better than kids and teenagers, so throw the self-portrait artist in your life a party theyll love with Selfie Celebration birthday party supplies. These bright blue and aqua plates, cups, napkins and table covers feature hashtag phrases and cute characters like mermaids, unicorns, cats and, yes, the poop emoji. Set an Instagram-worthy table with the help of a Selfie Celebration party kit, and use party hats that spell out “squad” as a centerpiece (extra points if you add an extra hat with a hashtag). We carry all of the Selfie Celebration party supplies that you need to make her day memorable, including invitations, thank you notes, personalized banners and much more. Weve even shared some tips and tricks for adding your own creative spin - after all, a Selfie Celebration would be nothing without a photo booth background. Strike a pose and smile - its selfie time!

Types of Girls' Birthday Parties

What was your favorite type of birthday party as a kid? Was it a backyard celebration with water balloons? A sleepover with Disney movies? A trip to the roller rink? There are so many great options for girlsbirthday parties, and even more options for celebrating them. The type of party you plan for your little girl likely depends on what age shes turning. For young girls, a daytime party is probably your best option. Invite all of her friends over for games, craft projects, lunch and cake, and send her guests home with goody bags filled with toys. Once she gets a little older and into school age, shell love a sleepover with her best girlfriends. Tell everybody to bring their sleeping bags, camp out on the living room floor, and watch movies and eat popcorn until everybody falls asleep. Its a rite of passage for all girls to enjoy a good, old-fashioned slumber party! Or, maybe your little girl would enjoy an outing of some kind for her birthday - a party at the movie theater, a pizza party at her favorite restaurant, a trip to the roller rink - the possibilities are endless.

Girls' Party DIYs

DIY Donut Pegboard

These days, its common to see food served in unconventional ways. From salads in glass jars to burgers on slate plates, trendy restaurants are all about the unexpected. If youve been wanting to try out a fun, new way to serve treats at your little girls birthday party, we have just the idea: a DIY Donut Pegboard! This project is an easy way to add a touch of whimsy to her special day. Start by painting a pegboard and decorative frame in her favorite colors - or the colors of her birthday party theme. Then, glue the pegboard to the back of the frame. Stick dowels through the holes of the pegboard, hang donuts, and you’re done! It’s the perfect project to work on with the birthday girl, or surprise her with on her big day. No matter what, its sure to be a “hole” lot of fun.

DIY Party Cactus Centerpiece

Despite their prickly appearance, cacti are making a comeback. And we absolutely love this DIY Cactus Centerpiece, which will add some fun, southwestern charm to her birthday party, no matter what the theme is. Youll need some craft supplies like a terra cotta planter, green felt, toothpicks and glue, but weve also included a cactus template to make the DIY part easy. Weve also included step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, and theres no sewing required! This is the perfect centerpiece to whip up the night before the party, work on together with the birthday girl, or use as a craft project for party guests. Add some eyes and a smile, and you have an anthropomorphic cactus thats perfect for any emoji-themed birthday party. Totally Insta-worthy!

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