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Your baby is all grown up. They’ve come a long way … and so have you! We spend so much time as parents putting out proverbial fires and attending to our children’s daily needs and duties that we sometimes forget to stop and celebrate our triumphs. 

Someday soon, your child will be heading out to make a life of their own. Heading off to college, or starting their new career. Moving into their starter home or dorm. As another famous grad Ferris Bueller would say, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Your grad has a whole life of their own grown-up responsibilities ahead of them, too. But before they dive into the crazy, scary, fulfilling world of adulting, why not acknowledge all their hard work with a special graduation party just for them? But, hey, what if your grad is already an adult who went back to school? Celebrate that, too! Graduation is a huge life milestone achieved through hard work and support that deserves to be celebrated at any age.

Read on for our tips, tricks, and ultimate  graduation party ideas.

When to Have a Graduation Party

After graduation, obvs! But to be more serious (and specific), there are going to be more considerations than that to keep in mind. The older your grad is, the more schedules you’ll have to contend with. Extracurricular activities, work schedules, and other commitments may partially dictate your party time. 

Traditionally, graduation ceremonies (and by extension grad parties) generally take place in late May or early June, coinciding with the final day of school. This may help to open up a few schedules for a fun and festive late Spring or early Summer bash. Seasonal weather could also offer ample opportunity for a barbecue or swimming pool party where guests can lounge in the sun.

What Do You Need For a Graduation Party

Good food, good friends, and good festivities, of course! When planning for a graduation party, there are so many great options for graduation decoration the possibilities are endless. These days, you’ll definitely want to incorporate a wall decal for selfies so your grad can show off their party fun on their social media accounts. Flatware and drinkware a must … what’s a party without some grub? And you’ll want to put everyone in the mood for fun with some festive streamers, balloons, or other themed decors.

You can go the classic route with graduation balloons and tableware festooned with mortarboard designs. Or choose something more specifically aligned with the guest of honor’s interests and coordinate with matching streamers or balloons. For an even more personal touch, add customizable props featuring your grad’s name or school colors to make your shindig feel even more special. And don’t forget, it all starts with the invite -- how else are you going to fill your bash with guests?

Graduation Party Ideas

Our vast collection of graduation party supplies will help you create the exact grad party of your dreams. Many of our products come with matching sets and supplies so you can create an entire theme inside your party space. Matching invitations, tableware, decor, and favors can keep the party theme alive from start to finish. Or you can grab some contrasting colors and play with your themed decor. The choice is yours!

What’s even better, with a multitude of styles and colors, your party theme can perfectly suit your special grad and their taste, interests, and personality. Friendly farm animals, festive polka dots, or feisty zebra stripes are just a few examples of how you can completely customize your graduation bash … not to mention all the personalization options from grad and school names to logos and mascots that can be added to centerpieces, invitations, banners, or more.

A wide variety of available colors also lends to the personalization of your graduation shindig. Red, blue, green, no matter what your grad’s favorite color might be, there’s an option available for everyone. Got a fashionista at home? Try recreating this super sophisticated and ultra mod pink party that’s full of style and pizzazz.

Graduation DIY Idea

Hey, not everyone wants to just buy a bunch of party supplies and call it a day. Some people are going to want to flex their creative muscles. Don’t worry about a thing. We’ve got that covered, too. Our prolific and colorful collection of confetti, centerpieces, streamers, and wall decor can be mixed and matched, cut up or bedazzled, and otherwise updated to fit your specific DIY graduation party needs. For Example: This pink money cake is a great way to show off your creative side and set your grad up for future success. Our necklaces, photo kits, and tissue paper can be put to work to bring this functional treat to life. Swap out the colors or kit used to ensure your prop is the perfect fit for your specific party them.

Alright! Now that you’re armed with some great graduation party knowledge, it’s time to get out there and have some fun!

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