Halloween Party Supplies

After the trick-or-treat spoils have been acquired, you can invite your child's costumed friends over for a party they can enjoy. Our Halloween Party Supplies and Ideas consist of fun and spooky accessories that will transform any area into a haunted house! Everyone will be dressed in costume, so it'll be a cute and surreal scene you can photograph and show your friends in search of Halloween party ideas.




Favors & Gifts

Pumpkins, haunted castles, and skulls are a few of the designs featured among the different themed items available. The bold color contrasts will send out a spooky vibe and further add proof to why Halloween is one of the best holidays. Plates feature indentations that will help children keep food from getting on the table and napkins will ensure messes of any kind may be cleaned up immediately. In most instances, these individual party supplies come in packages of 8 in order to maintain consistency. Cups can hold up to 9 fluid ounces and plates come in 7 and 9 inch diameters. You may choose to order from one type of design or you can mix and match from all available designs to create a unique table presentation.

Halloween Party Ideas

Beetlejuice Party Ideas

When you've got ghost problems, you call the Ghostbusters. But if you're a ghost, you might be tempted to ask Beetlejuice for help. While normally we wouldn't advise turning to this ghoul for help, it's Halloween. There's no better person to help you celebrate than the ghost with the most. You won't need to get your hands on a copy of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased to help you plan your perfect Beetlejuice-inspired party. Unless you're using it for decoration. Instead, take a look at this Beetlejuice Party Idea to help!

More Ideas for your Beetlejuice Halloween Party

DIY Sandworms of Saturn

These Sandworms definitely took Adam and Barbara by surprise when they first encountered them in Beetlejuice. However, by the end of the movie, the couple found a way to use them to their advantage to get rid of their "ghost with the most" problem. No Beetlejuice Halloween party would be complete without them, so learn how to DIY your own Sandworms of Saturn

Beetlejuice Cameo Cookies

Besides Beetlejuice himself, there are some pretty gruesome ghosts in the movie. When Adam and Barbara were trying to scare the humans from their house, they pulled some crazy faces. With the help of this tutorial, you can put those iconic profiles on cookies. Find out how to recreate these Beetlejuice Cameo Cookies

Goonies Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is all about the hunting for treats so that makes it the perfect time of year to get the gang together to celebrate one of the biggest adventures in movie history! Our Goonies Party Ideas will bring the movie to life. It's chock full of references and treasure. While you don't need to include booby traps or invite the bad guys to the party, your guests will have fun celebrating saving the goondocks!

Stranger Things Party Ideas

Stranger Things Party Ideas

Head to Hawkins this Halloween and turn all the other Halloween parties upside down. This Netflix original has stolen our hearts. With all of its 80s nostalgia and sci-fi goodness, it's the only way to celebrate Halloween. Find out what it takes to put together the ultimate Stranger Things Party with the help of our party ideas post. It's safe to say that we rate this party an Eleven. 

DIY Stranger Things Backdrop

No Stranger Things celebration would be complete without a wall that is tapped into the upside down. Communicate with all of the people who couldn't be at your Stranger Things party by recreating this DIY Stranger Things Backdrop. Have your guests do their best impressions of Joyce and snap a pic to remember this Eleven out of ten Halloween party. 

Classic Monster Halloween Party

From Dracula to Frankenstein, there are a lot of monsters who have haunted our dreams. That's why this Halloween, it's time to pay homage to the classics with a Classic Monster Halloween Party! With so many notable monsters to choose from, it's hard to pick just one. We took that pressure off by creating a party with all of the vampires, monsters, ghosts and werewolves as the stars. 

More Classic Monster Party Ideas

Haunted Mansion Centerpiece

Monsters have to live somewhere and that's why a haunted mansion is a perfect centerpiece at your Halloween party. From your dessert table to the main table this DIY Haunted Mansion Centerpiece will coordinate flawlessly at your Classic Monster Halloween Party. 

Werewolf Cookies

While these treats won't turn you into a werewolf, they'll taste delicious. Serve them up as dessert at your Classic Monster Halloween Party and your guests will go wild. Decorating cookies isn't easy but our Werewolf Cookies come with a step-by-step tutorial to help you out!

No-Sew Monster Koozies

If you're serving up canned beverages at your Halloween party, don't forget the koozies! Keep the drinks cold and your guests' hands warm with the help of these adorable DIY monster koozies. We created six styles and all you need are a few supplies and our free templates to recreate your own set.

Monster Pinata Cookies

Some monsters bite and this Halloween your party guests can bite back. These monster cookies have a surprise in the center. They are the perfect treat for your monster-themed Halloween party at home or at school. Recreating them isn't a scary task thanks to our tutorial.

Pastel Witch Halloween Party

Pastel Witch Halloween Party

Gather all your best witches and celebrate in style! These pastel witch party ideas are a trendy way to celebrate Halloween. The pastel party supplies paired with the cauldron, skulls and witches hat will help to make your Halloween celebration the talk of the season!

More Pastel Witch Halloween Party Ideas

DIY Pastel Skull Centerpiece

If your best witches are coming over to celebrate Halloween, do it in style. This pastel skull centerpiece is a stylish and trendy way to celebrate Halloween. The classic Halloween skull is transformed with a little paint and patience. The pastel colors create an ombre effect for a trendy table decoration.

Decorated Witch Cookies

These decorated witch cookies are the sweetest treats for Halloween. Convince your best witches that you consulted your spell book and conjured up some magic to create these adorable cookies. This pastel witch, along with her feline friends, will be a hit at your pastel witch party this Halloween.

Glow In The Dark Party Ideas

Glow In The Dark Party Ideas

Turn the lights out this Halloween and let the frights out! These glow in the dark party ideas will help you plan the perfect Halloween party. With some glowing party supplies and black lights, you'll transform your space into an epic party for Halloween.

DIY Glow in the Dark Chandelier

Set the scene for your glow in the dark Halloween party with the perfect chandelier. Create your very own glow in the dark chandelier by following along with our tutorial. With a handful of glow sticks, you'll have the perfect party decoration to turn the lights out and let the frights out.

Pumpkin Carving Party Ideas

Pumpkin Carving Party Ideas

Fall is in the air and it's here to stay. So why not carve out some time to do some fall activities with your friends and family? Head to the local pumpkin patch and pick the perfect pumpkins for carving or painting. Then gather your guests around the table for a pumpkin carving party!

The best thing about throwing a party around this favored fall activity is that all ages can get involved. Kids can create masterpieces with paint, while the more skilled artists can carve scenes into their pumpkins.

Create stations for your guests to work their magic, complete with all the supplies they may need to carve or paint their pumpkin. Be sure to leave a bucket for the pumpkin guts because who doesn't love roasting pumpkin seeds? All that creating is going to make people hungry. Find out how to create an on-theme spread with the help of our Pumpkin Carving Party Ideas.

More Pumpkin Carving Party Ideas

Pumpkin Paper Chain Backdrop

String together some paper chains to create a backdrop for your pumpkin party. You can hang it behind your food table or put it out in the open so your guests can snap selfies in front of it! No matter where you choose to hang it, it will get your friends and family in the Halloween spirit. Find out how to create this pattern with our step-by-step pumpkin paper chain tutorial.

Jack O'Lantern Decorated Cookies

One sweet treat you can serve to your pumpkin-carving guests are these adorable cookies! There are no cookies more perfect for the Halloween season than these decorated jack o' lantern cookies! They'll be sure to get your guests in the pumpkin carving spirit at your afternoon of fun!

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