Harry Potter

Harry Potter Party Ideas

You may not have received your letter from Hogwarts but that doesn't mean you can party like you got in. Harry Potter and all of his friends have taken us all on a wild adventure filled with magic. Conjure up a magical party of your own by getting inspired by our Harry Potter party ideas. With the right spell and the flick of your wand, your celebration will be spectacular!

More Ideas for your Harry Potter Party

DIY Quidditch Game

No event can bring a bunch of witches and wizards together quite like a Quidditch match, If you're throwing a Harry Potter party, it won't be complete without a thrilling game. Once you divide into teams it's time to pick your Chasers, Beaters, Keeper and Seeker and blow the whistle. Everyone will be trying to find the Golden Snitch and score some points with the Quaffle and these DIY Quidditch Goals

Pixelated Coloring Pages

Parties can get pretty crazy with all of the fun activities you have planned. Keep your younger guests busy as you get ready for each event with some coloring pages. These Pixelated Harry Potter Coloring Pages are completely free to download and print. It turns all of your favorite Harry Potter characters into 8-bit art. Your guest can unwind while they color by number to get ready for the rest of your Harry Potter celebration.

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