Iron Man 3

Show off your superhero-sized planning might with our Iron Man 3 party supplies, tableware, and decorations. This Marvel Comics pattern features the gold and red hero Iron Man on a high tech background. Tony Stark's super suit design graces the fronts of all the napkins, cups, and partyware in this theme. Some of these items look like blueprints from the creation process of the Mark 42 Iron Man suit. You can pick and choose items a la carte or go for an all-in-one kit to complete your decorations all at once.

Iron Man is one of Marvel Comic's most snarky characters. Tony Stark is a genius billionaire who builds a high tech suit to help him fight crime and save the world from alien attacks. In the Iron Man 3 movie, this superhero builds tons of armor suits to aid in his fight against crime. His latest creation was the Mark 42 suit which is capable of attaching to Tony with just a thought. He is a member of The Avengers and loves to show off. You should show off too when you have decked out your event in Iron Man birthday decorations.

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