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Mommy and Daddy’s little girl is about to make her entrance into your world. Her baby charms are sure to lift the spirits of everyone in the household. Your home environment is about to be filled with her adorable giggles and even lovable whimpers. Mom will have a new role, especially if the new baby girl is her first. She’ll discover the joy of shopping for girly clothing, cute baby shoes and, to top it all off, loads of mega-cute hair accessories! Oversized bows, huge headbands and sparkly little hairpins will fill her shopping cart on every visit to the local store! Even if the new bundle of joy has a few sisters or brothers, the whole family will be immersed in treating the little one like the princess she is. Taking on the part of Big Sister or Big Brother is a joy in itself for the siblings. A big sister will get to play dress up with her new baby sister. A big brother will get to be the fierce protector of the little girl. In whatever way an eager parent sees the arrival of a baby girl, it will undoubtedly be full of wonderful, super-cute surprises!

Throwing A Baby Shower For A Girl

Now that you are aware of your baby’s gender, you have every opportunity to plan a baby shower fit for a princess! When it comes to a baby shower for those with adorable feminine charms, pink is always a remarkable choice. Mom can never go wrong when decorating the party space in pastel pinks and purples, fun pink polka dots and dizzying purple zig zags! Plus, every little girl loves animals. Your heart will skip a beat when you see our selection of fun party supplies designed with the cutest elephants, sweetest ducks and nifty owls! Being a girl is so much fun, but throwing a baby shower with the baby girl in mind is triple the joy! We make it easy to browse all the latest and greatest in baby shower party supplies and accessories in one place! Just take a seat in front of your computer or set up your smartphone in a convenient spot, and browse your heart away! Planning the baby shower will be a cinch with our well-designed inventory of supplies and original ideas. We aim to bring out your girly side, because we know how much fun it is to throw a baby shower for a girl! 

It's A Girl Theme Supplies

The invitations are the first impression you’ll send to your baby shower guests. You’ll want to make sure the invites speak the language of all things cute! That’s why we offered the prettiest baby shower invitations on the planet! Choose from utterly endearing ones, like our Pink Elephant Personalized Invitations or our colorful Rubber Duck Personalized Invitations, to the more traditional Baby Girl Stork Personalized Invitations, and so much more! One of the most exciting parts of throwing a baby shower is decorating the event! Our glitzy ceiling baby shower decorations will add exuberance! Our Shower With Love Baby Girl Foil Swirl Decorations come in packs of 12, so the party room gets plenty of glamour! When uber cute table decorations are your style, then look no further than our Umbrellaphants Pink Mini Honeycomb Decorations or Umbrellaphants Pink Cascade Centerpiece! You’ll want to bring the best in baby shower eats to your event. We’ve got you covered in that arena, too, with the most amusing cakes anywhere! Our Baby Barnyard Diaper Cake and our three-tier Winnie the Pooh Diaper Cake literally take the cake! Your guests will feast enjoyably, but you’ll need tableware to match your baby shower theme. It’s your call, whether you’d prefer to serve the guests from our Pink Tableware line, our Pink Dots Tableware line or the head-spinning Pink Chevron plates! After the cake is consumed, it’s time to leave the guests with a sweet taste in their mouths! That’s where our lovely party favors come in. Our selection of favors and gifts come in pastel colors and unique designs. Our Pink Heart Plastic Measuring Spoons are useful and fantastic! Our Pink Baby Bottle Frames are a delight to give away as a treasurable keepsake!

More It's A Girl Baby Shower Themes

When debating what theme to go with when throwing your baby shower, consider a few successful examples! The Twinkle Pink Baby Shower is a blast! Pastel pinks, glittery golds and pure whites make up the colors in this awesome theme. You may decide that brunch would be more appropriate than an afternoon party, which makes serving up blueberry muffins in pink, polka dotted cupcake boxes perfect! Even if displaying delicious cupcakes is your style, our star toppers add a lovely touch! Also, consider the amazing Nautical Pink Baby Shower! Deep blues, bright pinks and crisp whites are featured in this wonderful ocean theme! Choose one of our lovely Pink Cupcake Stands, add a few frosted, homemade cupcakes and top the sweet treats with delightful princess cupcake picks! Voila!

It's A Girl Baby Shower DIYs

What are decorative yet useful baby shower gifts? Think along the lines of diapers, where mom needs a whole box just as much as babies do! Create your own baby shower gifts, like the Baby Shower Diaper Bouquet! Grab some tulle, a few new diapers and a handful of creativity to assemble a beautiful bouquet of diapers that no new mom can resist! Staying with the diaper theme, put together a marvelous Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Diaper Cake! Just lay several diapers together in a shallow pan, hold together with patterned paper and tape and add a helium balloon to create the hot air balloon effect! You cannot go wrong with these useful and fun DIY baby shower party ideas. You’ll discover artsy fun when you assemble wall art fit for a newborn’s welcome. The Woodland Baby Shower DIY Wall Art can be made in a jiffy and looks great for weeks! With a few party supplies, like a decorative party plate, a matching napkin and a frame set, you can whip up adorable wall art in minutes! Even baby shower centerpieces can be made at home. The DIY Flower Centerpiece will be admired by your guests! Cupcake liners and crepe paper are the main supplies you’ll need. With a little scrunching and crunching of the paper, you’ll end up with a beautiful, handmade flower centerpiece. Dazzle your baby shower guests without breaking the bank! Our DIY Baby Shower ideas are accessible, simple and oh-so-lovely!

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