If you're looking for a way to foster your child's imagination and unlock an endless number of creative possibilities along the way, then you'll have trouble finding a better choice than Lego building sets. On our LEGO brand page, you'll find all the coolest new sets and some of your classic favorites as well. When a brand that's been around as long as LEGO has continues to expand, you know it's a good one. Your child is sure to agree, no matter which set you choose!

Lego's popularity really exploded in 1978 with the introduction of its first minifigures. Since then, more advanced minifigures and new brick shapes have meant an ever evolving toy to attract and keep the attraction of younger generations. Now you can build almost anything and populate your creations with an assortment of monsters, aliens, fantastical creatures, and, of course, humans. The newest minifigures even feature realistic skin tones as opposed to the yellow skin of early the ones.

In addition to all the classic themes you know and love like castles and the Wild West, Lego features a huge number of licensed themes as well. Set out on a hyperspace adventure with the company's Star Wars products, or journey across Middle-earth and defeat a dragon with LEGO sets based on The Hobbit. You'll find all your favorite superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics as well.

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