Block Party

Get ready to build the perfect party when you buy your party supplies from this LEGO Party theme that's great for a young boy's birthday. Once you put together all of these pieces a perfect party is right in your grasp. You can build this party any way that you want, but we promise that you won't get anywhere without some of these great party supplies. There are plenty of balloons that represent exactly what you can build with LEGO's. The round balloons have boats and trucks on them and one balloon even comes in the shape of a firetruck.

We know that LEGO is all about having fun, so let the kids continue the birthday party once they head home by handing out plenty of party favors. The favors associated with this theme can either be purchased separately (such as firetrucks, bubbles, erasers, squirt guns, stickers, and much much more) or in a preexisting kit. These kits feature the same items and more such as a LEGO cup that one can use for drinking or holding things.

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