The Lion King

You are not only preparing for the circle of life of for another of your child's birthday'. But with a Lion King theme party, you will have to prepared for a circle of guests. Building your child's birthday around a popular movie - one of the most popular movies ever, in fact - will take a bit of planning. You want the everyone remembering this party for a long time to come. Don't worry, we're here to help. We have everything from table covers, to colorful tableware to balloons and other decorations reflecting this famous Disney film.

Your little Simba or Nala is bound to be the pride of the party leading the festivities with our Lion King theme plates, napkins and cups. We also provide tissue balls and streamers in bright colors from the bright blue folks, knives and spoons. The little cubs are sure to know the movie, so as much as you have on hand specific to the Lion King, the better. Send out Lion King invites as much as be prepared with movie theme thank you stickers for after the festivities.

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