Medieval Dragon Party

When it is time for thy knight to celebrate his birthday, create a royal atmosphere with this Medieval Party theme. From tableware featuring a knight's crest to a wall decorating kit to party favors, we have everything that you need. Our tableware, including table cover, plates, and napkins in the royal colors of red and blue, showcases a lion crest in yellow. We also have solid color tableware, including utensils, in bright yellow, blue and red. Decorations include stone wall backdrops and dangling cutouts. Favors include castle shaped favor boxes, tattoos, stickers and dragon and knight figures.

A knight earns his knighthood for his deeds, usually ones performed in battle and only a monarch could bestow the title. The most important skill for a knight is the ability to battle on horseback. Medieval knights were expected to follow the chivalric code, which means protecting the weak and helpless and behaving courteously and honorable. When not in battle, these warriors would often participate in tournaments to show off their skills. While in theory any soldier could be knighted, it was rare for someone who was not nobility or the son a knight to be so honored. Most knights were sent to a castle and trained as pages. They then became squires before achieving knighthood.

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