Mermaid Friends

It's summer and almost time for your little girl's birthday once again, why not take advantage of the sunny, warm weather by throwing her a Mermaid Friends birthday party? This theme features a happy pastel mermaid with long purple hair, a pink bathing suit top, and a green tail spending time under the ocean with her undersea friends including fish, an octopus, and a crab. This delightful and magical ocean themed party supplies would be absolutely perfect for a pool party.

Set the tone with our mermaid themed decorations, including an under the sea wall decoration to change the party space into an undersea paradise. Mix solid color blue and green decorations with fish decor for a funky look that really pops, and make sure that balloons abound. We carry a Mermaid Friends balloon bouquet that mixes foil purple balloons with balloons that feature the mermaid and her friends. Plates, cups, napkins, and utensils are also available in the mermaid pattern. Add fun little details such as fish shaped birthday candles, a mermaid pinata, or an ocean themed canopy tent for maximum immersion. When all the little guppies at your party are ready to go home, send them home with some delightful party favors. We carry two different ready-made ocean themed favor packages, or you can construct your own using our range of mermaid and fish favors, including squishy sea creature toys, mermaid stickers, and delicious candy. Make your party favors even more special by adding a personalized touch, including personalized coloring books that your guests will be sure to cherish.

Mermaid Party Ideas

Make a splash this year with a birthday party that's all about life under the sea. With party supplies this cute, you'll be flipping your fin in no time. Not sure how to turn your party space into an under the sea extravaganza? Look no further than our Mermaid Party Ideas page. It'll have you ready to celebrate in no time. There's nothing fishy about this party.

DIY Chair Tutu for Your Mermaid Party

Mermaids might not be known for wearing tutus, but when it comes to these mythical creatures, anything is possible. Make your very own set of chair tutus for your mermaid party by following our step-by-step tutorial. These steps will help you create DIY chair tutus that coordinate flawlessly with our Mermaid Friends party supplies. But you can use any color scheme you'd like to complete your chair decorations!

Mermaid Cookie Tutorial

Mermaid Decorated Cookies

There's no treat sweeter at your mermaid party than these adorably decorated cookies. They capture the mythical essence of these mystical creatures. Your party guests will think you called upon a siren herself to help create such magical treats. These decorated sugar cookies feature mermaids, seashells and starfish designs that coordinate flawlessly with our mermaid party supplies. The purples, blues and greens of these mermaid decorated cookies will have your guests feeling like they're chilling under the sea!

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