Monkey Around

Everybody's bound to have a great time at your child's party. Our Monkey Around theme party is for all the little ones who love a jungle theme or just want to act like kooky little animals for the day….within reason of course. Have as many bananas on hand as our party supplies for this swinging celebration. With tableware, decorations, party favor gifts, invites and thank you's, we have you vine-covered. If your birthday girl or boy is young enough you might want to even dress them up in our adorable soft Mischievous Monkey Costume for the day.

Our Monkey Around monkey is a cute little guy. He's a lanky cartoon chimp who smiles across plates, cups, napkins, party hats and wall decorations. We also coordinate cutlery to fit the colors so everywhere you look your guests will feel like they are deep in the jungle with our monkey leading the fun. Mix and match with bright yellow or lime green table settings too. If you're planning to a great big bunch of guests or you want to have a little more of one thing or another, even sneak in a color or two, by all means go ape! For your guests we have various size Monkey Around party favor kits. They include balls, bubbles and books (to name just a few items included). Our Monkey Lollipops can actually be personalized with the guests-of-honor's name on them! Same as invites and thank you's.

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