Monster High

Let's face it, not every mummy gets to see their daughter attend such a prestigious school. But if you are planning a Monster High Party, what better place to get supplied then us? A kooky not creepy way to celebrate your child's special day we have tableware, decorations, and other great ideas to keep this specific theme alive and well…or zombie-fied at the very least. Yes, there are some skulls, that slightly creepy but oh-so-fashionable teen girl looking out from the decorations and black, whites and reds but everybody - and we do mean 'body' -at Monster High loves to stay truly ghoul to their school.

Our kits include plates, streamers, cutlery, napkins, centerpieces and balloons. But you can always add to items, mix-and-match. Open the full coffin of your imagination to create your own version of a Monster High party using our supplies in any which way you like. That's the beauty in planning ahead and planning with us. Our guest's gifts are something special as well. Favor kits shaped like a Monster High lunchbox include all those make-up items girls love: nail polish, lips gloss, etc. While other kits include tattoos and stickers. Really we have all the girls covered. And be sure to check-out all of our personalized items. From invites and thank you's with the guest-of-honor's name on them. To gifts for your guests like luggage tags and mini buttons. You can truly make this party special beyond this wild theme by giving the girls unique keepsakes.

Monster High Pie Party Idea

If there's any place where it's Halloween all the time, it's at Monster High. These cute monsters are just trying to make it through high school. They just happen to be the offspring of some of the most recognizable movie monsters ever. At a high school that is unlike any high school you've ever been to, it's important to throw a party that's a little different in their honor. Put out a spread of every pie imaginable for your Monster High party with the help of our party ideas post. 

Monster High Themed Pies

Draculaura Deep Dish Dress Pie

Draculaura is a Monster High fixture, so you know you need to include her in your spread. This deep dish dress pie is the perfect centerpiece for your dessert table. There's nothing scary about it. 

Monster High Cherry Tarts

The students of Monster High definitely have some questionable diets. Nothing screams Monster High quite like blood red cherry tarts. These individual desserts have been topped with edible Monster High icons, making them perfect for your themed party. 

Monster High Skull Pie Pops

Sometimes you just want a little something sweet. A pie pop is the perfect portion. The best thing about these pie pops is that they're Monster High themed. Any little Monster High fan will recognize their signature skull shape. They basically double as decor at your Monster High-themed party. 

Monster High Crest Lattice Pie

Why just eat a pie when you can give it a Monster High makeover? Cakes are great but pies are better. The crust paired with their fillings is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth. It's scary how good pies are, especially when they pay homage to all the guys and ghouls attending Monster High. You'll be dying to get a slice of this pie

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