Monster Jam Party

Bad monster trucks with balloon-big tires breaking out of the mud are what this party's all about! Are you ready to meet the throw-down challenge of planning a Monster Truck Party? If you've got the planning muscle we have the supplies. From tableware to decorations, to great ideas for guest's gifts and more, we will sit right beside you as you steer over the rocky terrain of getting a theme party together and seeing it lift-off for your child's best time ever. We'll supply you with dangling cutouts, confetti, and centerpieces. We have plates, napkins, cups and red and blue cutlery. We even have truck pinatas!

How about the great idea of personalizing items? We can do that! Printing your child's name on invites, thank you's and lollipops is no problem. And we can just as easily make personal party favors, with each of your guest's names printed on their very own take home gifts. Buttons and bookmarks, mini magnets and more can bear this uniqueness.

Monster Truck Party Ideas

While we have hundreds of Monster Truck Party Ideas, one of the favorite ones we can give you is to add personal touches with our DIY (do-it-yourself) decorations and themed foods. These simple touches will rev up your party and have everyone wheeling with excitement! Simple and easy touches could be placing different monster trucks in front of each dish you are serving and naming them something unique, so when guests ask for that particular dish, they’ll have to call it by the monster truck name.

Another smashing fun idea your guests will love is having your guests choose a monster truck at the beginning of the party and providing them with name tags of their chosen truck. This will be sure to have the entire party excited to see what name and truck they got. You can even host a simple relay and see which four-legged truck wins the race!

If you are not much of a DIY project type of person, you can easily get our monster truck party supplies to transform the look of an entire room. Get everything from monster truck themed decals to hats and create an arena type of atmosphere. Try to keep the room full of orange, brown, and black to keep the decorations matching and the imaginative monster truck arena looking race and dirt filled ready!

DIY Monster Truck Trophies

When you are hosting a Monster Truck themed party, it’s only right that you also host a race for your guests. Get ready to put on your creative cap and craft a one of a kind DIY Monster Truck Trophies. You can find recycled items around your home and buy some inexpensive items that will still be sure to have the trophy looking like a million bucks to the kids.

Gather recycled tin cans, candy tubes, strong adhesive, gold or silver spray paint, a mini monster truck toy, small wood plaques, plastic beaded necklaces, and cardboard numbers to create the trophy.

You can start off by adhering both sides of the candy tubes onto the small plaques of wood. Then place the recycled tin can on top of the wood, followed by the monster truck on the tin can. This will be the beginning works of your award-winning trophy. You can use the beaded necklaces to place around the tin cans to give it that extra fancy look. When everything is in place, go ahead and spray the entire piece gold or silver.

When your guests see this creative DIY monster truck trophy sitting atop the table full of decorations, they will be sure to want to win the race and take this piece home!

Monster Truck Party 

It’s not every day that you’ll see an enormous four-wheel steering truck making its rounds through unbelievable obstacles. When you do, you’ll know that you’re in the presence of amazing and one of a kind monster trucks. You will be floored when you see these purpose-built vehicles performing their stunts at popular monster truck competitions. Whether it’s a race or a freestyle competition, where professional drivers show off what their truck can do, these monster trucks are now bigger and better than ever.

At one point, Monster Truck competitions were just the sideshow. Now these competitions are the main attractions and are selling out arenas. Visitors come from near and far to see these powerful four-wheelers perform high jumps, doughnuts, backflips and more. Being able to see these heavy-duty trucks perform such seamless moves despite its weight is what the crowd goes crazy for.

Whether you love building trucks and want to see these monster trucks perform, or you’re looking for a family fun event, these competitions are sure to be action packed for your viewing pleasures. Just imagine seeing a heavy weight vehicle gaining speed as it ramps up and flips in midair. It’s a sight that will remind you of the reason they’re called monster trucks.  

When to throw a monster truck party

A monster truck themed party would be the perfect way to show your love for these monstrous sized four wheelers. Parties don’t come around every day, so you want to make sure you wow your guests with your monster truck party accessories. We carry everything you need from the invitations to send to your family and friends, to the monster truck party supplies to decorate your own make-believe arena with. 

We have a bunch of monster truck party ideas. If you are hosting a baby shower and want everyone to know that your baby will be full of action and larger than life, this will be a fun and fitting theme. Your family and friends will be sure to remember those high-flying monster truck balloons, monster jam tableware, and everything in between! The baby celebration will be unique and fun, just like the monster truck arena shows.

Hosting a birthday monster truck birthday party would also be a great way to get your child and their friends hyped up for a day to remember. With all of the monster truck decorations in place, the kids will get a sneak peek of what a monster truck competition looks like. They will be excited to see the colors and themed tableware that will transform your home or party space drastically.

No matter what type of event you are hosting, we have all of the monster truck party supplies to get your themed party filled with oversized four wheelers!

What you need for a monster truck party

Putting together a themed birthday party shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why we have everything you need to host the perfect Monster Truck Party. Before getting started, you’ll want to make sure you pick out the perfect invitations for the big event. This would be the perfect way to get all of your child’s family and friends excited for what’s to come! 

After you have your guest list and invitations ready to go, think about the space you’ll have to throw the monster truck party. You can transform the area into one that looks like an actual competition arena. Knowing how much space you have to work with will help you to get the right amount of monster truck party supplies. From balloons, posters, and goodie bag accessories, your space will become the place for all monster truck fans to celebrate. 

Take the extra step of surprising your guests with the monster truck tableware. They will be eating off of monster truck themed plates, drinking from cups decorated with their favorite large four-wheeler, and using their decorative napkins. You can even personalize some of these accessories to show your guests that you are glad they are with you all. The guests will fill their stomachs will delicious food, all while talking about how cool the table decorations are.

Even after the party is over, everyone will still wish the party was never ending when you hand them some monster truck themed goodie bags to take home. Fill the bags with candy and personalized supplies so they will be reminded of how much fun they had at this monster trucked birthday party.

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