Outer Space

Not even the coldness of space will be enough to contain the excitement your child and his or her guests will feel when they come aboard and discover their mission is to celebrate a birthday party. The Outer Space birthday theme features all the most recognizable aspects of NASA and space exploration and will certainly set the gravity to light and happy. Astronauts and space shuttles against the backdrop of earth and an infinite space are featured on all the tableware and will inspire your child's and guests' imaginations to transform the birthday party into an exploration of Mars. We have made it easy to purchase these supplies individually and also offer you the opportunity to get them all in assorted kits. Each kit serves up to eight guests and features additional decorative goodies the larger the kit gets. The Outer Space Ultimate Birthday Kit includes extras like balloons, a banner, and birthday candles.

One of our most popular items in this theme is the Space Shuttle Pinata kit which features a paper mache shuttle that is decorated in American flags and has flames protruding out of the thrusters. This pinata will surely impress all the kids. And because we thrive on convenience, a bag of mixed candy and a blindfold are also included with your order. Lastly, name your child the commander of the party by ordering a personalized item that will feature his or her name on it in a bold font.

Outer Space Party Ideas

If you're looking for a birthday party theme that's out of this world, look no farther. The sky is the limit when it comes to an outer space party. But there's no need to venture into the unknown. Check out our Outer Space Birthday Party Ideas to help you plan. You'll be ready for take off in no time!

DIY Solar System Lanterns

If you're planning a party that's out of this world, you'll need some decorations to match. Recreate the solar system with the help of some paper lanterns and some crafting skills. Your little astronaut will get excited to see that the whole galaxy is at their fingertips. From decorating a bedroom or playroom to taking your party theme to new heights, our DIY Solar System Decoration is just what you need. 

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