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No celebration is complete without handing out goody bags or party favor sets at the end so with this in mind, be sure to check out our great selection of Favor Toys and Games! These are intended for the host that would like to create their own favor set by personally picking out the toys and games that will given to their guests. You'll want to choose the type of toys and games that reflect the type of bash you have. For example, if you host a Star Wars birthday, then a Star Wars Lightsaber is great toy to hand out. Further, if you have a Batman birthday event, then our Bat-a-Rang will be perfect for your party favor.

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The party favors don't have to match the theme of your event, however. For instance, we have Bubbles that will be great for almost any party favor bags as well as generic items such as bouncy balls and crayons. You know that every kid loves those bouncy balls! Some of these party favor toys and games are sold individually while others are sold in sets of 4, 12, 24 and more! This is important to know so you'll have the right amount for every guest. Nobody wants to be left out!

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