When you are celebrate your love for the red, white and blue, use our Patriotic Party Supplies. Show your pride in your country with our color coordinated tableware, decorations, party favors, invitations, thank yous, accessories and personalized items. Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Flag Day, Labor Day, Patriot Day and Veterans Day are all times that we honor our country and the people who have made it a strong nation.

Many of these holidays take place in the summer and barbecues are a traditional summer celebration for Americans. Burgers, hot dogs, chicken and corn on the cob are just some of the foods customarily served. For easy cleanup and a festive look, use our patriotic tableware, which includes table covers, plates, utensils and cups. Spruce up your backyard with our decorations, including American flags, balloons, centerpieces and more. For the little touches, shop our accessories section. Purchase flag pics for your appetizer tray and umbrella picks for your drinks. Give each guest a patriotic lei, confetti poppers and, if it is an evening event, glow bracelets.

When planning your bash, think about the holiday and why it is important to you. Each one has a different meaning. Independence Day is a very festive occasion but Patriot's Day is much more somber. Flag Day is often overlooked, but it is as important as the others are. On June 14, Americans are encouraged to honor the flag and learn about its history and traditions.

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