Start the next party off with a big WHACK! with a fun, fantastic pinata! Follow in this fun party tradition with our amazing selection of pinatas for all party themes. We have so many different styles, and sizes that are made for all ages. Big kids can hit it to break it open and little kids can use the string-pull as a safer alternative. Our Pinatas will be perfect for your next big bash! Imagine, watching all the children, including your own, scrambling around looking for candy and toys after one lucky boy or girl bashes the pinata open.





The children love the candy and the toys, and the parents love the thrill of watching the little ones try to get it open. You can fill them will our candy filler or any tiny trinkets or goodies you like. Pinatas are a party game tradition that young and old alike can enjoy! We have a selection of pinatas that are unbeatable: robots, princess, flower, tiaras, cupcakes, lions, race cars, puppy, and much, much more! And feel free to fill these pinatas with all sorts of party items. We know that every child is different and they all want a party that reflects their unique personality. So try perusing our wide selection of Pinatas to find the perfect one that matches the theme of their next birthday party!

Whether you have a little girl who dreams of being a princess, or a little boy who longs to drive a race car we have a pinata for you! They are a great party idea for any occasion. In addition to birthdays, use them at summer barbecues, holiday parties and more!

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