Pink Camouflage

Whether your child is a girlie girl or a tomboy, this Pink Camouflage theme party ware will be perfect for her birthday. Combine the symbolic toughness of camouflage and the feminine presence of the color pink, all in one stop. If she's a little G.I. Jane aspirer, then she'll be ecstatic when she gets home and sees a pink camo party set up for her. A child's birthday is a very special time in her life, and she should be made to feel special during that time. 15 years from now, all of her birthdays will be the same lightly celebrated routine, so now is the time to make them all count. Don't rob her of that magical birthday excitement. Add to it, with different sets of pink camo tableware, decorations, and invitations.

Give her event the feeling of a girlie camping trip. If you're planning on going to the park, or even your backyard for your daughter's birthday celebration, then these outdoor themed products are perfect. They'll blend in with the woods, and make it seem like you put a lot of thought in planning this party. From plates, to napkins, to balloons, this is your one stop shop for anything pink camouflage.

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