Pink Zebra Boutique

If you like to live life on the wild side, show off your stripes with our Pink Zebra Boutique party supplies! Zebra print looks great for any special occasion, but they're especially great for kids' birthday parties and even slumber parties. You can let your little one and all of his or her guests unleash the wild animal within with these striped supplies.

Animal print has always been a sign of wealth, as exotic animal skins were very pricey. In the United States, however, prints like our Pink Zebra Boutique pattern emerged as a chic style for women in the 1960s. It was typically regarded and an artsy print in the Bohemian movement. Some of our boho-chic supplies have dark, black zebra stripes on a white background like a typical zebra, and others pair these funky stripes with hot pink. You can give your party a safari theme by choosing the classic white print, or give your girl a truly wild party by picking the hot pink and black print.

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