Who really knows how these trends start? But you're deep in the Pokemon birthday theme and you won't soon be getting out! Let us help you decipher all the minutia of this Nintendo created craze. You are well aware that this is the theme your child wants for their celebration and we have every item you could ever need to make sure this party goes off without a hitch. As much as Pokemon is about bright colors and the game itself it is also about the many characters that inhabit its universe. Rest assured you child and their guests will be visited by Ash and Pikachu. We have the entire Pokemon world here for your party plans plucking.

There's cake plates, cups, napkins and table covers to buy separately or all in one kit. We sell colorful streamers, cutlery and candles that complement the Pokemon color scheme. We sell wrist bands, pencil tops, lollipops and latex balloons. We can even provide a Pokemon pinata for some end-of-the-day frustrating fun.

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