Pony Party

Get your saddles all pulled tight and your spurs a'jingle and a'janglin'. It's time to throw the very best Pony Party ever seen this side of the Rio Grande. With our matching table decorations and tableware, themed favors and balloons, each little girl who comes to this celebration will have the very best ride. With realistic pictures of various beautifully colored horses standing and trotting across the tableware how could you not throw the very best celebration for your daughter and her friends? Really, we have every single piece or party paraphernalia you're ever going to need to bring this pony party off perfectly.

Lime, lemon or blue cutlery is the perfect complement to the pictures of horses that adorn the napkins, plates and cups in this theme set. Muted hues and bright blue skies are the background for a regal black horse, a brown mother and her pony, and even the drawing of two horses galloping across a field. Our kits and sets are outfitted for seven guests and your guest-of-honor but all pieces can be added to and are sold separately. The very last thing you need to be doing is running off at the last minute to gallop around for extra party favors or decorations. Save your worry and time. We have it all.

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