Pooh Birthday

Is your child stuck on having a Winnie the Pooh birthday? A. A. Milne's infamous eternally hungry cuddly cute bear has been loved by children for decades. He was made even more popular by Disney. Your little one is just following a very popular children's course. And of course, it is up to you to make sure a Pooh Birthday has all the earmarks that make Pooh and his friends so popular. It's time to transform your home into the Hundred Acre Wood…or at least a place where guests will believe the fantasy of Pooh's Corner come to life.

Pooh birthdays are really all about bright colors and Pooh's friends. Across our plates, cups and napkins in this theme you're not just going to find the popular honey bear. You're also bound to catch a glimpse of Tigger, Pigglet and Eeyore leaping and hugging across these party favors, trinkets and tableware. We also have plenty of toys and party favor keepsakes for your guests to enjoy. We have pinatas, blowers and magnets, along with balloons and stickers. And don't forget there are always plenty of these items here that can be personalized, a great idea for making a special party even special-er!

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