Preppy Blue Ocean Party

If your child loves going to the ocean or has an eye for style, be sure to check out our Preppy Blue Ocean Party supplies. We have tableware, decorations, favors, thank you notes, invitations and party kits that feature pictures of happy whales. "Preppy" is an abbreviation of the word "preparatory," and is often used to describe fashion. Preppy fashion started in northeastern preparatory schools and has since spread across the country. Some examples of preppy clothing include argyle sweaters, chinos, oxford shirts and boat shoes. As you will see in this theme, argyle is featured in the trim.

Whales are the biggest marine mammals in the ocean so they are perfect to show your son what a big boy he is becoming. The blue and green color motif is typical in pretty style and is very masculine while representing the colors of the ocean. The items in our Preppy Blue Ocean Party supplies feature whale and octopus designs that look like designer clothing labels. Some of the items also have argyle or anchor patterns. The collection has supplies for every part of your child's birthday party, from invitations to party favors. We have everything you need to give your child's party a stylish ocean theme. Get ready for a classy celebration in no time with these items.

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