Racing Party

You'll be able to speed through party preparation when you use party supplies from our Racing Party collection. We have everything you need for a fun racing themed birthday party, from invitations to tableware. Your child will enjoy the cool racing flag pattern featured on these items. Racing has been around since at least ancient Greece, where people ran in an attempt to come in first place. Racing can be against a clock or to a specific point and has been done by running or flying, driving or riding in various vehicles.

The checkered racing flag was used for bicycle races in 19th century France, and has been used ever since. The checkered design was probably first used because it had high contrast and stood out against the background of the crowd. The flag is used to show that the race has finished, so it is associated with the winner of a race. After it is displayed, all the racers slow down and return to their garages. Our tableware and decorations feature black- and white-checkered racing flag patterns so your child can feel like a winner. We also have racing themed party favors, invitations, thank you notes, personalized racing favors, and a racecar shaped pinata. Be sure to check out our all-in-one kits to make party preparation even easier.

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